Every programmer dreams of creating a program that becomes a daily money-maker. I’m not talking about Bill Gates and Microsoft, I mean a specific program that runs solely to win money. When you hear the renown phrase, “give a man a fish and he can eat a day, but teach a man to fish and he can eat a lifetime,” do you find the former or the latter’s more appealing? New technology has been uncovered which has been supplemented by online poker tournaments without any players knowing. This technology is referred to as “Online Poker Bots.”

These bots are programmed to play the odds based on the exact calculations of the downfall of human error … that is, our emotion. These online poker bots are dominating online poker tournaments and creating unfair advantages to those who use them. One can simply activate the bot and leave the computer while the program does all the gambling. The bot can not only predict all possible outcomes, but also the chances of winning BandarQ. The odds and giveaways of a game can be calculated at any point in time (just like odds calculators are shown on poker tournaments which are televised). Whenever you sign up for or create an account there is a privacy policy and terms & conditions that the site provides. If you plan on using an online Poker Bot, you should read through these prerequisites. Some sites state that using any artificial intelligence, or ‘robots’, is forbidden. The argument for online poker bots states that they are simply using statistical analysis and there is no crime. In the United States, we are not outlawing these bots, but the poker sites are trying to enforce their rule that these bots are not allowed.

Bot users beware: When you choose to opt-in and accept the privacy policy and it states that artificial intelligence The rights to use their content and participate in their tournaments. A site has the right to enforce their privacy policy. Unless the player can find a loophole in court with their country’s legislation system, all their winnings can be revived. Now, back to the question of whether having a fish for a day or the knowledge of catching fish for life is more valuable. We must address the human flaw which these online poker bots bypass: emotion. These bots are transactional programs used by transactional leaders. They are long-term repercussions justifying or addressing the supplying instant monetary reward.

Our flaws, our emotion, leaves us to contemplate our morals. We can step back and look at the positives and negatives, as well as the rights and wrongs of these bots. While having the knowledge to fish is transforming and supplying one with the ability to eat for life, it does not take advantage of other people. We can’t rely on artificial intelligence, online poker bots, to catch all of our fish. Although it may be the easiest way out, it is still the only day’s worth of feeding the man. At some point we have to consider our morals and the value of self-control to eliminate the unfair advantages of those who program or purchase an online Poker Bot. The idea of ​​using an online poker bot in poker tournaments breeds confusion. The word “tournament” derives from the Middle Ages in which a series of competitions, defeating other knights, is one-by-one until they have won the entire competition. The basic concept involved humans doing their best to beat other people for prizes and glory.

They are acted with chivalry and although we are all flawed, they have followed the rules and guidelines. As evolution takes place, we now have specific competitions and poker for tournaments. Yet we should still take some morals and ideas from where tournaments began. An Online Poker Bot is not human and does not present enough competition. An online Poker Bot can generate random patterns of play, (something we humans have a very hard time doing). Online Poker Bots can calculate the odds instantly. The question revolves around where are these online poker bots gambling for diminish our love. The answer remains a mystery, but leans away from the internet and back to the original face-to-face competition we love. Let’s feed our appetite in winning a legitimate fashion. Let’s keep the primal instincts we have and take the risks we want without the help of computer. Utilize the emotion and logical reasoning given to humans, play poker as yourself, not through artificial intelligence. If we always rely on the reward to provide instant satisfaction, what will sustainable competition be?