It happens to the best of us- we lose and then we lose again. In fact this losing run goes on so much that even the online free poker games make you feel like you’ve lost more than just some pride. Sometimes when your fortune’s up- it’s up, and regardless of how good your hand is or the rate you fancy your chances you just can’t seem to come out on top Cmd368.

It comes natural after a loss to want to hit back and win the money back you’ve just lost. I have see so many players try this, in my early days I myself have tried this and learnt the hard way. Its always easy to ponder with the notion of just one more hand…but these ‘one hands’ add up and soon you will find yourself completely out of pocket.

How do you survive your losing streak without destroying your bankroll, is a question you may ask yourself. What I have found that works for me is to start playing free poker or lower staked tables and joining freeroll tournaments. Another great way is to play a small sit and go. You get your poker fix and will not bankrupt yourself in the process.

It is really important to remember that no matter how well you play the game, losing streaks are going to happen. We’ve all been through them and have felt the utter frustration during losing streaks. It can make you question your game play, and at times, cause you to play a less than quality game. You need to stick to your game and ride it out, without completely losing your bankroll. As with winning streaks, losing streaks do come to an end, try and play them out in free poker games then when it ends you’ll still have a decent bankroll to play with.